Countdown to Christmas 2021 – Festive Coloring Sheets

🤶🏽 Hey Parents!

Are you looking for some fun holiday activities for your little ones? I’ve got you covered with 5 super cute coloring sheets. Why not make some hot cocoa, grab some blankets and enjoy a cozy day of coloring with your kiddos? I loved drawing festive pictures during my own Christmas break from school, and I bet your children will love it too! Simply print out the sheets and let their creativity soar! Happy holidays! 🎄🎅

Trendy Holiday Bird

Imagine this trendy bird soaring over colorful glowing Christmas trees! Enjoy giving this birdy some character.

Cuddly Teddy Bear

All this teddy bear needs is a friend like you!  Surround him in some holiday love!

Warm Snowman Hugs

I hear that a snowman likes to give warm hugs these days! 😉 In this case, how about a big colorful hug!

Classic Christmas Candy

When I was a little girl, there was always a jar of candy to marvel at! 🍬 There was a variety of sweet and sour holiday flavors to choose from. Enjoy coloring these yummy treats, and imagine what yours might taste like!

Santa's Coming to Town!

Is it Christmas Eve already! Santa will be super happy if you color this page for him and leave it with some milk and cookies! 🥛🍪


Screen Free Fun for Kids!

Every box is inspired by an encouraging phrase. As kids journey through the activities, I hope it sparks learning, understanding, and conversation about life lessons with their family and friends.
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