Dare To Be Different

Hey Artists!

“Don’t be afraid of being different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.” ~ Unknown This box is full of reminders that who you are and what you love is unique to you, and that is OK.

Be Bold & Bright

Have you heard of the Phoenix? It’s a mythical bird known for rising from its ashes. This bird often serves as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Let this craft remind you that you are in the process of becoming who you are, which is a fantastic thing to be proud of.
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Love What You Love

Our hearts are full of love for all the people, places, and items we love in this world. With this craft, you will create an abstract heart with shredded paper to represent all the different things you treasure.
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Make Your Mark!

Did you know that no one has the same fingerprint pattern? Use this coloring sheet to further show others what makes your fingerprint even more special!
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Gourd Vibes Only - Card

Ready to bring a smile to a child’s face? Surprise them with this super cute card that includes a pre-addressed and stamped envelope. 

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Activity Book

Enjoy screen-free fun for kids with this activity book! It includes instructions for all crafts, a secret decoder joke, a fun exercise prompt, a sticker sheet, a celebration idea card, and an encouragement wrist band.

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Unbox your child's inner artist today!

Every box is designed with kids in mind: easy to make, fun to do, and perfectly suited to your young crafter. 

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Screen Free Fun for Kids!

Every box is inspired by an encouraging phrase. As kids journey through the activities, I hope it sparks learning, understanding, and conversation about life lessons with their family and friends.
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Stop Bullying Coloring Sheet

One of the most extraordinary things you can be is a friend. Let this coloring sheet remind kids to be kind and stand up for those in need of help! 

Make a Habit of Trying New Things

Until you try new things, you may never know your true passion, purpose, or power. This box is full of ways for you to use your creativity and explore ways for you to step out of your comfort zone!

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