Everything Real Was First Imagined

Hey Artists!

Did you know that toys, playgrounds, and even holidays were first imagined in someone’s thoughts? This box is full of ways to use your creativity to come up with new stories and ideas!

Imagine Theatre

Ever thought about putting on a play? Now you are the director of your own theatre! Create stories for these characters and put on a fun experience for family and friends!
Ao and Tauri Box 13 SM Post Create

Tissue Paper Painting

Create a canvas of color painting with tissue paper! This is an activity with unlimited possibilities. Enjoy watching colors bleed into each other while resisting the white crayon.
Ao and Tauri Box 13 SM Post Craft

Make Your Own Alphabet!

Did you know that people used to communicate with pictures instead of letters? Now is your chance to create your own alphabet! Use this coloring sheet to create a visual way of communicating with someone else.
Ao and Tauri Box 13 SM Post Color

Warmest Wishes - Card

Ready to bring a smile to a child’s face? Surprise them with this super cute card that includes a pre-addressed and stamped envelope. 

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Activity Book

Enjoy screen-free fun for kids with this activity book! It includes instructions for all crafts, a secret decoder joke, a fun exercise prompt, a sticker sheet, a celebration idea card, and an encouragement wrist band.

Ao and Tauri Box 13 SM Post Booklet

Unbox your child's inner artist today!

Every box is designed with kids in mind: easy to make, fun to do, and perfectly suited to your young crafter. 

Ao and Tauri Box 13 SM Post


Screen Free Fun for Kids!

Every box is inspired by an encouraging phrase. As kids journey through the activities, I hope it sparks learning, understanding, and conversation about life lessons with their family and friends.
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