Once upon a Frustrated Pumpkin named Patches

🎃 Hey Artists!

Patches needs your help! You see, Patches is super excited about the neighborhood Halloween party. He even made his own costume from scratch! He wants to be a Astronaut, aka Pumpkinaut! When he told his pumpkin pals, they made fun of him. They said his head was too big to fit in a helmet. This made Patches very sad, and now he is in search of a costume…can you help?

Enjoy these FREE printable coloring sheets as Patches tries on costumes leading to Halloween.


This first costume is Super-kin! He made with his underwear and used his favorite blanket as a cape but is afraid he will spill something on his blanket. 

The great thing about the Pumpkinaut costume is that it is waterproof…


Patches made this Skelekin costume using a black leotard from his theatre class. He drew on the bones using white chalk. Now he is worried the chalk may rub off at the party.  

His Pumpkinaut costume wouldn’t do that…

Dr. Pumpkinstein

Patches created Dr. Pumpkinstein using one of his Dad’s work shirts as his lab coat. He borrowed the science tools from school but he’s afraid he might lose them at the party. 

At least his Pumpkinaut costume has pockets…


Patches borrowed this costume from his older sister who was Pumpkincorn last Halloween. He thinks everyone at the party will think he’s his sister! 

He would only look like himself in the Pumpkinaut costume…


To make the Witchkin costume, Patches’ grandma let him use one of her old hats and a sweater for this costume. He got the broom from her fireplace but he’s not sure how to get it to fly.

Pumpkinaut’s don’t need a broom to fly…


Patches made his Pira-kin gear out of cardboard boxes and markers. It looks fierce, but he doesn’t was to cover one eye all night.

He can clearly see through his Pumpkinaut helmet…


Patches glued two seashells to his shirt and used a pillowcase to make his Merkin tail. Now he will have to hop to the party.

Pumpkinauts get to hop in zero gravity…


Patches thought this P-Rex costume was pretty cool! Only problem was that he got it from the lost and found at school…and then someone claimed it.

My Pumpkinaut costume was made by me and it’s mine…


Patches used candy corn for his Vampkin teeth and a scary cape from the theatre department at school. The bowtie was very hard to tie.

Pumpkinauts have super cool belts, not bowties…

🎃 Once upon a Pumpkin named Patches concludes!

Well, Patches has spent weeks trying on different Halloween costumes. He was Skelekin, Dr. Pumpkinstein, Pumpkincorn, Witchkin, Pira-kin, Merkin, P-Rex and Vampkin. But all along, he thought about the costume he first made.

Patches decided trust his gut and wear his Pumpkinaut costume. And you know what? Once his friends saw the costume, they loved it! Patches had an great time at the party knowing he chose the costume that made him HAPPY.


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