The Inspiring Book – Sweet Dreams, Sarah

Sweet Dreams Sarah

Hey Artists!

Today’s book review + craft was inspired by Sweet Dreams, Sarah, written by the talented Vivian Kirkfield. (Rollover the image below to learn more about the author)

About Vivian Kirkfield

A retired kindergarten teacher with a masters in Early Childhood Education, Vivian inspires budding writers during classroom visits and shares insights with aspiring authors at conferences and on her blog.

Sweet Dreams, Sarah

My daughters and I really enjoyed reading this book! The life of Sarah Goode is an incredible journey from the sadness of slavery to joy, determination, patience, and success. My oldest loves to invent things and is fascinated by Sarah’s drawing and building her creations by hand. The book had beautiful soft illustrations that matched the 1800’s well. Once the story was over, we read the extra details in the back of the book about Sarah and other African American women who were inventors. It was great for my girls to see so many items we used today were invented by our black community.

There is also a free curriculum guide for educators provided by Creston Books.
Download the Curriculum Guide.

Visit the website of illustrator Chris Ewald too, and see other amazing drawings he has done.

*I received a copy of Sweet Dreams, Sarah free in exchange for offering an honest review.

Dream Big Pop-Up Craft

Now it’s craft time! After reading Sweet Dreams Sarah, I wanted to create a craft that allows kids to use their hands and give them a peek into Sarah’s world. The sense of accomplishment from sketching to creating is achieved in this interactive craft. Kiddos may need parental help. I have also included a matching coloring sheet for younger kiddos that may find this craft too challenging. Click the buttons below to download this FREE pop-up craft and coloring sheet.
Craft Supplies
Step 1

Gather your materials. Click on the purple button above to print out the Dream Big Pop-Up craft sheets in the image below.

Sweet Dreams Sarah Steps 0027 Step 1
Step 2

Start by coloring the two sheets any way you want!

Sweet Dreams Sarah Steps 0026 Step 2
Step 3

Take the "Dream Big" sheet and fold it in half along the dotted lines. Reference the slideshow below.

Step 4

Now it's time to score the paper so that it's easier to fold the pop-up sections. Grab a scoring tool and a ruler to trace over those dotted blue lines. The picture below shows two examples of tools to use for scoring and cutting.

Sweet Dreams Sarah Steps 0023 Step 4 1

You can use a mechanical pencil with the lead pushed in to score the paper along the blue dotted lines and use scissors to cut along the red lines. Or, you can use a scoring tool and an XACTO knife to cut.

View the slideshow below for more details.

Step 5

Follow the slideshow below and pinch to fold along the indicated dotted lines.

Step 6

Turn the page around and pinch to fold along the indicated dotted lines.

Step 7

Now, pull these sections forward and fold along the indicated dotted lines.

Step 8

Turn the page around and pinch to fold along the indicated dotted lines.

Step 9

Now it's time to glue these two sheets together. Turn the "Work Hard" sheet over and put glue on the indicated green areas. Turn over the "Dream Big" sheet and glue the "Work Hard" sheet to the bottom half of the sheet.

Step 10

Flip the card around to the back and put glue on the indicated green areas. Fold the card closed to seal.

All Done!

Great job! It was a lot of steps, but it was sooo worth it, right!!

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